This is by far my favourite project. Not only because we spend weeks in beautiful South Africa while being cared for by Steel the best production company ever or because of  Michael Schnabel one of the best photographers I ever had the pleasure to work with or the sheer amount I've learned on this project. It's mostly because of the output. It's very rare to come close to what you thought and hoped something would turn out. In this case it did. Everyone involved did a great job and I'm very happy to be able to have this in my portfolio.

The brief was to create a unique campaign that visualises o2 Germany’s general business strategy: not to run with the crowd but to take a different path. After all, if you always run in someone else’s footsteps you won’t ever leave your own. Full fledged 180° brand campaign including tv, print, online, outdoor, guerilla.

The directors uncut version of the tv commercial: